LG X-Power K210 Android Smartphone - Camera and Video Performance

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Camera & Video Performance:

The picture and video performance of the LG X-Power is pretty decent, but not outstanding. The camera application is pretty robust, but the video settings are extremely limited. We'll cover video first. When using video, the gallery and main app are shared with the camera. When the camera app is launched, you can switch to video with a simple press on the video icon on the main screen. It's close enough to the camera button that a person could easily press the wrong button and take a video instead of a picture if you're not paying attention. The idea is good, but the close proximity could be problematic. It is nice, however, that switching between the two modes is almost instant.

Video playback starts immediately when you touch a video file, and while the X-Power doesn't have slow-motion capture, it does have a pretty decent video editing package. You can cut, trim, and adjust brightness in the video when editing and the microphone quality is actually really good. Adjusting brightness is a bit tricky as you have to tap the screen when playing back video, then tap again to get brightness control. Brightness control is really handy if you shot the video in dim light. However, if you don't get the tap-tap-slide ballet just right, you'll end up pausing the video.

Contrast and Saturation Video Test



In terms of photo performance, the camera works quite well, and much like recording video, there aren't a ton of settings to adjust prior to taking a photo. After you take a picture, LG has a ton of filters that can be applied to your photos. Editing photos is very easy and there are quite a few options including white balance, color saturation, vignette or even black and white. There are a bunch of options in here. The auto fix option works really well also. 

Clouds - Sample

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Sunset Sample

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Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample


I appreciate the fact that you can use the physical volume buttons to take pictures in addition to the on-screen camera button. What's more, you can even set it to voice detection and say words from a specific list and it will snap the photo automagically. You don't have to hold the phone awkwardly in order to reach a button in order to take a perfect selfie. While I don't take a bunch of pictures of myself, this option is still viable when you want to take a big group photo or a self-portrait. When it comes to obsessing about yourself, LG has a mode that lets you make the photos "softer" and this may appeal to those people who insist on posting images of themselves several times a day.

The X-Power doesn't have optical image stabilization so photos in low light were a little more difficult to keep clear and crisp. It was hard to keep everything nice and still for indoor pictures without the flash.

One thing that sets the X-Power apart from other Android devices I've used is the customizable home screen. We'll cover that more on the next page.