LG X-Power K210 Android Smartphone - Home Screen Customization

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Home Screen:

There are a few nifty things about the home screen that we will mention. By default, the LG K210 X-Power has the standard Back, Home and App Switch options, but you can add extra home key buttons and move them to where you want. Extra buttons that you can add include; the notification drawer button, common apps, and a quick note button. It's nice that you can change the home buttons to suite your needs and how you use your device. There are so many cool things about this phone that I don't have on my Nexus 5 such as drawing and scribbling on your phone. It's not every day that you need to use this feature, but it sure makes a lot of note taking and illustrations much simpler. 

Something that I haven't seen before on Android devices is the ability to choose different ways to display your home screen and your applications. There are three different ways that can be selected by long-pressing the home button and choosing either Easy Home, Home or Home Plus App Drawer. We'll quickly give the highlights of these below.

Home Choices

Home Button Options

Screen Choices

Home Screen Choices


Easy Home:

One thing Easy Home does is allow you to customize your experience and make it quick and easy. When you slide the screen to right you will find a spot to put numbers for speed-dialing your most used or favorite contacts. You can add apps to the home screen, but not widgets in this mode. It's lightweight and works really well once you get used to the new layout.

Easy Home

Easy Home

Speed Dial Easy Home

Speed Dial Easy Home



This is a fairly traditional mode and is the one that shows up when you first turn on and setup the phone. This feels pretty normal, but doesn't have the standard app drawer. You have to press and hold on the screen in order to add apps and widgets. You can create folders in this mode as well.

Home - No App Tray

Home plus App Drawer:

Home plus App Drawer is pretty much the Android standard. It's very similar to the previous mode we just talked about. Your collection of installed apps can be accessed and scroll infinitely from side to side. It's interesting that folders you create show up here as well.