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LG X-Power K210 Android Smartphone
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Product: LG X-Power K210 Smartphone
Provided By: LG
Price: ~$249CAD off-contract at time of publication


Introduction & Features:

Life's Good when you're looking towards a bright future. LG has been around since 1958 when they started by out bringing affordable TVs, radios and other affordable appliances to consumers. As technology has progressed, so has LG and they have continued to work with consumer electronics and now have a rather decent wireless phone division. Each new generation of product incorporates more technology that works seamlessly in our everyday lives. From fridges to TVs, audio devices, and more, LG has been there. LG wants to create a happier and better life for people all around the world.  LG hopes to become a market leader with high-quality products and brand-name recognition. I think they are well on their way to accomplishing that.

Unique products and cutting edge design make the future of LG pretty interesting and hopefully we will see more creative and innovative ways to make their products better. More information about LG can be found here.



BCCHardware has reviewed a few phones in the past and we always welcome companies that want to work with us. We welcome LG to the review list and take a look at the X-Power Android phone. We're glad to take a look at this phone as it is geared for the mainstream and boasts incredible battery life. We'll touch on the major features in the next few moments.

We've got a lot to cover with this device and I've only had it a couple of weeks. I've got to say that it's a pretty solid device. I've been a Nexus user for all my "smartphone" life, and as such have been an Android user since I started with the Nexus S. The LG X-Power we are looking at today is thin, but appears to be quite sturdy. I haven't tried to bend it, but neither have most iPhone 6 users and they bend easily. The X-Power seems to be quite solid even though it is a mere 7.9mm thin and it has a 5.3-inch HD screen. The battery is non-removable, but makes up for this with the 4,100 mAh rating. It is charged quickly via the Fast Charge 2.0 feature and combined with incredible battery life, this phone will spend much more time in the wild than tethered to a charger.

The X-Power doesn't come with a lot of color options; in fact, it only comes in black. The side accents appear to be metal and quite shiny. LG uses gentle curves at the edges of the screen as well as for the shape of the back. The back is textured and seems easy enough to grip, although it is plastic. The textured back should take a few scrapes and scuffs without trouble. The screen is shiny and actually kicks up a bit of glare. Taking images of the device was pretty difficult when the screen was off. Either way, it feels pretty decent, but a metal back would make the phone feel a lot more sturdy and expensive.

X-Power Boot X-Power Back


As we take a look around the X-Power K210, you'll notice that there's something on almost every side of the device. The power button is located on the right side, with the volume rocker, SIM card slot and MicroSD card slot on the left side. The SIM card slot actually holds both MicroSD and SIM cards all on the same tray. I love the ability to add extra memory to the 16GB X-Power, and the compatibility to add a 2TB memory card is absolutely awesome! Having a phone with a touch over 2TB would be amazing. LG uses a micro USB connector on the bottom of the device to charge as well as offer USB-OTG capability. Also on the bottom of the phone is the headphone jack and while some people don't like the headphones coming out the bottom, I like that both cables connect to the same end. 

The X-Power also has dual microphones: one top and one bottom, for better audio recording and noise cancelling during calls. The rear camera is a mainstream 8MP shooter with the front camera scaled down to 5MP. The cameras won't blow your mind when it comes to resolution, but for the price of the device, they are pretty standard.

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On the next page, we'll continue to cover the basic feature set of the phone before we jump into the specifications.