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Application: Wheel of Fortune Free Play

Welcome back to the world of app pick. It feels like it’s been awhile since I've shared a new App with you! It's been a busy summer for me but I have had a wee bit of downtime to relax. One of the most iconic game shows of all time is Wheel of Fortune and we have the App to bring this show to your pocket. Wheel of Fortune Free Play lets you virtually travel around the world. It's not all "big money" though, you can go bankrupt and lose your turn.


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Once you sign into your Google Account, you spin the wheel, guess a letter and you're good to go. Throw in a vowel every now and then - if you have the money in your bank. You earn different rewards for playing and this in turn gives you diamonds that help you to get to the bonus round. Level up your game to move onto the next point or virtual destination. The money you earn playing and winning rounds helps you level up. If you want to kick back and expand your brain, give Wheel of Fortune a spin!

App Pick 205 App Pick 205


Can I buy a vowel?


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