Samsung's Milk Goes Bad

Back in 2014, Samsung lauched their "Milk" streaming music service in an attempt to knock Spotify, Pandora and Google Play Music off the podium. Back then, we wondered why on earth Samsung - a hardware company - would get into software and services to this extent. Apparently, they've lost enough money to make them take a second look and after consideration, they are pulling the pin on Milk. They will pre-load their devices with other streaming software instead.

Milk Music was Samsung's Pandora-like entry into the streaming music world, launching in 2014 as an oddly-timed but well-designed platform exclusive to the company's devices. But they shut down its streaming video service last September a year after it went live and slowly scuttled the brand thereafter, like quietly renaming its Milk VR app to "Samsung VR" back in June.

Source: Engadget