Windows Phone and BlackBerry Facing Imminent Extinction

Things have been really rough from BlackBerry and Windows Phone over the past year. They've been fighting an uphill battle on an icy slope and have been losing. Many companies have been pulling support and therefor their Apps from Windows phone lately and the numbers tell the story. Q2 of 2015 showed Windows Phone with 2.5% market share BlackBerry 0.3% and since then things have gotten even worse. At the end of Q2 of 2016, Windows Phone now has 0.6% market share with BlackBerry 0.1%. That is basically extinction.

One interesting question to ponder is this -- with only two major players in the game, where will the needle come to rest? Right now the quarterly shipments are divided roughly 85 to 13 between Android and iOS respectively. But over the past year, Android has climbed four percentage points, while iOS dropped almost two points. I predict that in a year or so shipments will be nine to one in favor of Android.

Source: ZDNet