NASA Makes Contact with Bricked Spacecraft

NASA makes a few mistakes amid all their cool successes. Back in 2014, the were preparing to put a pair of spacecraft into a 1-year sleep cycle and were making sure they were ready to power down as they performed a few pre-operation tests. One of the tests on one spacecraft didn't go so well and STERO-B has been off the grid for a couple of years - until August 21. Thankfully, NASA never gave up and kept trying to make contact.

So NASA had decided to angle the antennas away from the Sun and put the STEREO spacecraft into a year-long safe mode until they could safely communicate with Earth again. To prepare for this, NASA put the two vehicles through a series of tests and resets to see if they would be ready for the repositioning and hibernation. STEREO-A performed just fine, but STEREO-B failed to send signals back to Earth after one of the planned resets.

Source: TheVerge