Another Reason to Avoid Facebook

It's geting harder and harder to put up with Facebook for me - although the world usage is growing daily. If you already don't like Facebook here's another reason. They are testing out auto-play videos with audio. That's right. You'll be scrolling through your Facebook feed and video's will play - with sound. This is awesome so that everyone at work will have to stop using Facebook. Of course, they are doing this for our benefit. Thanks. I think I'll go delete my personal account now. FYI. This change is for mobile apps only - for now.

Facebook is testing a change to its main mobile apps that would have videos automatically start with the sound turned on, according to Mashable. The test, which appears to be active in Australia and may be ongoing in other countries, has Facebook video playing with sound so long as users have the volume on their smartphone turned on. In a similar test, some users are able to activate and deactivate the sound by tapping a small button in the corner of the video, similar to Twitter and Vine’s handling of videos with sound.

Source: TheVerge