Lenovo's X1 Yoga Creates OLED Envy

For quite a while now, companies have been talking about OLED screens in their laptops, but the cost and materials have kept this feature waiting for the next release - and then the next. Lenovo has arrived at their next release and the Yoga X1 OLED is absolutely fantastic. We've seen a similar unit at CES this past January - and eight months later - it's finally ready to hit the store shelves. The only downside is that after using an OLED laptop, you'll want one of these screens everywhere.

The dream of large OLED screens has, for the past few years, seemed perpetually on the horizon. LG has had OLED TVs on the market for a while, but they're still far more expensive than comparable LCDs. If you've wanted to get your OLED fix recently, you'd have to get it on a smaller phone or tablet screen. Now, the technology is finally making its way to laptops from the likes of Dell's Alienware, HP and Lenovo.

Source: Engadget