Huge iPhone 6 Issue Prompts Class Action

For a company that has such a tight grip on quality control, Apple seems to have their fair share of issues. The iPhone 6 was first plagued with "bendgate" and now their is a legitimate problem with the screen. In order for the phone to get as thin as they can, Apple left out a metal shield between the screen and other parts. After extended minor flexing of the device, the screen becomes completely unresponsive. Apple was made aware of this, but thought it could be swept under the rug. Apparently not. This could spell billions in recalls and repairs for Apple, although I have a feeling they'll offer a discount on the iPhone 7 in September and the horde will herald Apple as a "savior" rather than a scoundrel.

The plaintiffs linked the problem to Apple's decision not to use a metal "shield" or "underfill" to protect the relevant parts, as it did on versions of the iPhone 5. "The iPhones are not fit for the purpose of use as smartphones because of the touchscreen defect," according to the complaint filed in federal court in San Jose, California.

Source: Reuters