Windows 10 Going to Subscription Model for Business

Well, well. I predicted shortly after the Windows 8 launch that the next version of Windows would be a subscription model. Microsoft denied that vehemently and to show their good faith, they gave people Windows 10 if you bought it the first year. They claimed there would be no subscription, but now it looks like the subscription model is in fact coming to their business clients. There are a lot of features it seems that will only be available to versions of Enterprise Windows that will require a subscription. It's a good way to monetize your company, but it comes at the expense of convenience, features and more. Unfortunately, there really isn't a valid alternative in the business world.

Windows Enterprise is the most misunderstood of all editions. It's available as an upgrade only, and for businesses, it requires an underlying Pro license. Enterprise edition includes additional licensing rights, such as the ability to run Windows in up to four virtual machines and to deploy Windows via imaging rights. Traditionally, Enterprise has been sold through Volume Licensing agreements, which aren't available for small businesses. That's changing as of this month, with the option for small businesses and individuals to purchase Windows 10 Enterprise as a subscription option (Windows 10 E3) for $7 a month.

Source: ZDNet