Google Play Movie Rental Discount

It seems that Google is offering 50% off a movie rental for select users. If you are bored and want to find something current, the Google Play library has quite a decent selection. I don't qualify apparently, but there are a lot of users who do. Make sure you go and browse their selection and see if you have a 50% off offer when you go to checkout. If not, you don't have to rent and can cancel just before checkout. Good luck!

While its uncertain when this promotion started, Google is now offering 50% off one rental via its Play Store. The offer is valid until October 8, 2016, which will give you a few months to decide on what to rent. Naturally, there are a few restrictions, with one being that you cannot stack discounts and the other is that the offer is only valid for those in the US, CA, and AU.

Source: Neowin