Raspberry Pi Sells 10 Million Units

The $35 Raspberry Pi has just sold over 10 million units now and the number continues to grow. The thing of beauty about this little computer - other than it's price - is the fact that it is powerful enough to run a desktop OS and with the latest generation (Raspberry Pi 3), it includes WiFi, Bluetooth, a 64-bit Quad-Core CPU and enough RAM to actually be very useful. More information can be found at the link below.

"At the time, we thought our lifetime volumes might amount to ten thousand units-if we were lucky," Upton wrote. "There was no expectation that adults would use Raspberry Pi, no expectation of commercial success, and certainly no expectation that four years later we would be manufacturing tens of thousands of units a day in the UK, and exporting Raspberry Pi all over the world."

Source: Fortune