Microsoft Ends Sales of Lumia This December

Sales figures show that Microsoft's Lumia Windows phones are pretty much extinct and Microsoft has confirmed that they will in fact be killing the Lumia line this December. This comes only months after they showed off Continuum, the Lumia 950 & 950XL which could have changed the coroporate world. Microsoft has been known to do this, but the real bummer here is that the director of engineering mentioned a "Surface Phone". That's bad. Microsoft will end up abandoning all Lumia owners that purchased devices in the past 6 months and push another platform that they'll kill off. Microsoft NEEDS to get out of the mobile division altogether and stick to the Surface tablet/PC.

While all this is going on, Microsoft’s Director of Engineering (Windows Fundamentals), Laura Butler, who was recently involved in several Windows Insider planning meetings for Redstone 2, has been very vocal on Twitter recently, specifically mentioning a Surface Phone. While the tweets do not give much in the way of confirmation of the device, it does fuel yet more speculation.

Source: WinBeta