Microsoft to Unveil Surface All-in-One in October

There aren't a ton of details floating in about the next Microsoft fall hardware launch, but there are a lot of rumors and a few reports of their "Cardinal" product being an all-in-one that will turn your desk into a studio. There have been reports of a desktop device with multiple screen size options and this is likely the beast. We'll find out next month if what we expect is true. Hopefully, it is a solid device that will make up for Microsoft's horrible Windown Phone directive.

My bet: Cardinal is the rumored Surface All-in-One device running Windows 10, which may come in one, two, and/or three different screen sizes (21, 24 ,or 27), as first reported by Windows Central. This may be the consumer-focused version of Microsoft's Surface Hub, as Windows Central speculated, using the Perceptive Pixel screen technology that's at the core of Surface Hub.

Source: ZDNet