Titanfall's Mobile Spinoff is a Card Game

Titanfall looked like it was going to be amazing prior to it's original launch and it was pretty successful in the beginning but lacked depth to keep users engaged. In the end, it left people feeling like they wanted more. Titalfall II is in the works and there is a mobile spin-off that is your free-to-play card game - much like Hearthstone, SolForge and more. Time will tell if it's any good, but it could actually end up being the best part of Titanfall.

Frontline is being developed by new studio Particle City, and published by Korean firm Nexon, which previously worked with Titanfall studio Respawn to release a free-to-play PC version of the game in Asia. A mobile take on Titanfall was first announced last year, and Frontline is just the first of what is expected to be a multi-game partnership between the three companies.

Source: TheVerge