Adblock Plus Now Sells Ads

Adblock Plus has been under the gun for a while as they have allowed ads to show up if a company pays them a certain amount of money. Now they have taken things a step further and instead of blocking ads, they are replacing them with their own ads - as well as a lot more ads from companies that you'll find "acceptable". So it's not Adblock anymore - it's more like Adreplace.

Adblock Plus hopes that, through this new marketplace, there’ll be a big expansion in the usage of Acceptable Ads. Because they’re already picked out and ready to go, any publisher will be able to sign up, plug some code into their website, and start running whitelisted ads. None of the ads are able to track visitors from site to site, and they’ll all be limited to certain dimensions and page locations, as defined by Adblock Plus’ guidelines.

Source: TheVerge