LG 77-inch OLED 4K Available - for $20K

The biggest TVs always demand a huge premium and this new Signature Series TV from LG is no different. We saw the design of their signature series back in January at CES 2016 and they are truly beautiful. What is more beautiful that a 55-inch OLED TV? A 77-inch 4K OLED TV. That being said, I have a hard time coughing up $20,000USD for one of these at the moment. 

Everyone knew it’d be insanely expensive—the 65-inch version costs $9,000, after all—and boy was everyone right. This bigger one goes for 20 grand. That high cost is largely due to the fact that its massive screen is illuminated with pricey OLED technology. And although LG has radically expanded its OLED TV lineups in recent years, this is the biggest and most beautiful OLED panel it’s ever released.




Source: Wired