Flashback to 2009 - Zune HD

One of the best devices that you could buy back in 2009 was Microsoft's Zune HD and there are a lot of compelling reasons why it was awesome then, and is probably the best standalone media player ever. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't know how to market small products (look at Windows Phone for proof) and the Zune HD was discontinued in a little over a year from launch. I still have my Zune HD and it still is amazing - 9 years later.

The hardware was undeniably sexy, offering brushed metal on the back, along with a metallic home button and a 3.3-inch 480x272 OLED display. The specs were impressive for its time as well with an Nvidia Tegra APX 2600 chipset, coming in at 0.6 GHz single-core, along with 128MB of RAM.

Source: Neowin