Putting Linux on your Chromebook

ChromeOS is a pretty solid platform, but there are times when I wished I had access to better productivity applications such as Gimp, Libre Office and a few other great pieces of software. Of course, I could always buy a cheap Windows laptop - but what fun is that? If you want to get a little bit adventurous, check out how to put Linux on your Chromebook. You can run both at once, dual-boot or even do a full install. Enjoy!

You've may have seen chatter on the internet about installing Linux on your Chromebook. Plenty of longtime Chrome OS users are doing it, and it allows the use of programs like GIMP (a Photoshop replacement), or Darktable, (a Lightroom alternative) as well as plenty of programs for video and audio editing. It's a way to use your Chromebook for the few power-user features you might need. It's also completely free and easier than you think.

Source: AndroidCentral