Project Scorpio Will Run Games Native 4K

Microsoft is working on their Project Scorpio that will run games native in 4K whereas most games for the new PS4 Pro will be upscaled from 1080p. While upscaling looks better than standard HD stretched to a 4K screen, native looks much, MUCH better. It's interesting to see how Microsoft has evened up the console race with their Xbox One S and with Project Scorpio - they could keep doing well for a long time yet.

Loftis doesn't say which games those are, although that isn't surprising when Scorpio is roughly a year away. All the same, the 4K commitment could be crucial to giving the new Xbox hardware a strong start. Even if many third-party games resort to upscaling instead of real 4K, you'll have some incentive to buy the new system.

Source: Engadget