Steam Store Update to Fix Garbage

The Steam Store is a great place to buy games and the entire Steam experience is really what multiplayer gaming is all about - community. Although Steam does a lot of things right, the store is getting pretty awkward and difficult to manage. I guess that is partly the fault of having so much content and trying to figure out how to currate it and make it accessible, while at the same time giving all developers equal representation. Valve is working on it and has outlined some changes. Hopefully this makes it the Store that we all love - developers included.

A new option to set "Global Customer Preferences" could turn out to be the most significant. Steam's dominance on the PC and its relatively open nature means its home page regularly gets flooded with "Early Access" games in the initial stages of development or virtual reality games, which comparatively few Steam users have access to. This is a problem with Steam in general: so many new games are added to the platform every day, players have a hard time finding the games they want to play.

Source: Vice