4K Chromecast Ultra

With more and more 4K TVs in the wild as well as more mobile devices supporting 4K, it was only a matter of time before Google had to step up their game with the Chromecast. They are expected to release the Chromecast Ultra and it will be almost double the price of the current Chromecast - but has a lot more features, power and quality than the current generations. Still, it is just a Chromecast.

Tipped to run firmware version 1.21 at retail, the Ultra will allegedly be sold alongside the existing high definition Chromecast dongle, released last year. Whereas that product retails for $35, Ultra will cost nearly double at $69, according to another Android Police report. The increased price brings more powerful hardware capable of streaming content with 4K resolution from a device like a smartphone to an HDMI-equipped display.

Source: VentureBeat