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Summer came and it now looks like it's quickly leaving! Summer can be a good time to get away and explore the outdoors, or some other part of this amazing planet. Hopefully you got a chance to take a break and change your scenery for a bit. I managed to take some time and head out west and it was a nice time. I took a lot of pictures when I'm on the road. I usually use a Nikon DSLR, but the pictures I took on my phone allow me to quickly integrate them into a Travel Diary. This diary is helps you organize your images into collage and add titles and more!

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This diary becomes an easy way to show people your travel moments without searching through hundreds of pictures you don't want to share. It also gives you a nice organizer as you add individual pictures to your bundle. 

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You can add the location of the place you visited, add events as well as a description. Tap the camera button and add pictures you want to keep as a memory and to show friends and family later. Back out, check the box to save the image and you're ready to do even more! This is a pretty handy app to keep a record of your photos for when you do strike up a conversation. You can find images easier and share all the awesome things to got to see and do on your trip!

Happy trails!


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