Vernee Apollo Lite Review - The Smartphone You Should Have Heard Of

If you haven't heard of the Vernee Apollo Lite, you're not alone, but perhaps you should hear of it now. This is a $215 ten-core smartphone that you should check out. This is a thicker (9.2mm thick) device that actually is pretty solid overall. This device supports either two SIM cards or a single SIM and a MicroSD card. Charging is done via the USB-C port and overall, it's a very capable device. Check out the review after the break.

The Apollo Lite is a Lite version of the Apollo unit and one of the key parts it steps down in is the display. While the Apollo is announced to have a 1440p display, the Apollo Lite has your average 1080p display. It makes up for it in the quality of the panel, though, as the phone is packing a Sharp IGZO display panel which not only has great color and viewing angles but is also extremely battery efficient.

Source: Neowin