What to Expect From Google Later Today

If you are reading this before Google's actual event takes place, here are a few things that we are expecting from Google this time around. There will be a few things that we expect for sure - Pixel & Pixel XL, but I'm sure there will be a few new things that will hopefully surprise us. Take a look at the link below for the full list.

  • Two new phones that drop the Nexus name in lieu of "Pixel"
  • Pricing, availability and more details on Google Home, the Amazon Echo competitor the company announced earlier this year
  • An upgraded 4K Chromecast video streamer
  • A successor to its OnHub Wi-Fi router
  • More information on Daydream, its new VR platform
  • A new Pixel tablet (or laptop)
  • And maybe, just maybe, a whole new operating system that combines elements of Android and Chrome OS

Source: CNET