Sharp Showcases 8K 27-inch Display

I'm going to make a bold prediction that CES in 2017 will be full of 8K displays. Sharp is one of the companies that has actually been pioneering 8K (we saw it 3 years ago at CES) and they have continued to push the envelope and make really great products. This 27-inch unit is production-ready and it packs in an amazing 7680x4320 (33 Megapixel) at 326-pixels-per-inch. What is really impressive is that this display can run a solid 120Hz - if you can push 15GB/sec through your video cable.

So this is where the Sharp monitor on display at CEATEC gets interesting. The IGZO display is down at 27-inches, marking a 326 PPI, just hitting at the door of large FHD smartphone displays. The panel is also listed at 1000 nit brightness. But to double down on specifications, the stand listed the display as supporting 120 Hz while in 8K mode, and also supporting High Dynamic Range, or HDR.

Source: AnandTech