Chrome 55 to Use MUCH Less RAM

One of the biggest complaints of modern browsers is the amount of memory that they hog when you have mutliple windows and tabs open. It is absolutely horrifying how much RAM these browsers can soak up and it's not unrealistic to need 16GB of RAM in your day-to-day computing machine. Thankfully, Chrome is addressing the problem and you could see up to 66% less memory in use in their upcoming Chrome 55. More technical details at the link below.

In addition to the JavaScript heap, V8 uses off-heap memory for internal VM operations. The largest chunk of memory is allocated through memory areas called zones. Zones are a type of  region-based memory allocator which enables fast allocation and bulk deallocation where all zone allocated memory is freed at once when the zone is destroyed. Zones are used throughout V8’s parser and compilers.

Source: v8project