Samsung's ArtPC Looks Great - Doesn't Catch Fire

Both the Galaxy Note 7 and the new ArtPC Pulse look great - but only one of them catches fire. I'm sure that some will say this PC borrows heavily from the Mac Pro, but I have to say that this looks much better. It starts at a mere $1,199 and comes up to $1,599 when powered by a Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM. The crazy thing is that it could easily handle many games today and it's a very small little unit. Gosh I like this idea.

The device features a cylindrical design with aluminum bodywork, and what's referred to as "an exquisite expandable design", allowing you to "attach and remove expansion modules to customize your own system". A 1TB hard drive is listed as one of these optional modules for the Core i5 model, but the Core i7 model includes that module as part of its price.

Source: Neowin