Seagate Pushes 2.5-inch Drives to 5TB

Platter density has pretty much been the only way companies like Seagate can cram more data on a mechanical drive and with their latest 5TB 2.5-inch drive, they deserve some sort of an award in my opinion. This drive is said to be priced around $85 according to the press release, but I think that has to be wrong. If it isn't, the performance and storage for dollar on these drives will be top notch and should be the stuff data centers are made of. I know I want one in the Ultrabay of my Thinkpad.

Before you consider putting one of these in your laptop, know that the 5TB, 4TB, and 3TB BarraCuda drives are 15mm thick. While they might squeeze into some larger gaming laptops, their primary target is superthin all-in-ones that can’t accommodate full-size 3.5-inch desktop drives.

Source: PCWorld