HP Workspace Allows x86 Apps on Windows Phone

HP announced their Elite x3 phone back in February and at that time they also announced a new program called "Workspace" that was supposed to allow you to run x86 applications on your Windows Mobile device through Continuum. Well, it's here and it uses virtualization in the cloud to stream your favorite x86 applications as promised. If this would have arrived back in February before Windows Mobile 10 pretty much disappeared, it could have been a game-changer for the corporate client. Now, Windows Phone is pretty much irrelevant.

Interestingly, Workspace isn't exclusive to the Elite x3; you can download and use the app on any Continuum-enabled Windows 10 Mobile device, such as the Lumia 950 or 950 XL. The 60-day free trial, however, is exclusive to anyone that purchased "any HP Elite x3 bundle" before the end of January, 2017.

Source: Neowin