Sweden Bans Camera Drone Flights

Sweden's Supreme Court has just ruled that drones bearing cameras are "surveillance cameras" and therefor subject to a bunch of extra rules. This ruling means that pilots will need a permit indicating that they'll be used to prevent crime or accidents. If you end up flying a drone to keep watch over your own yard, you'll probably be denied a permit. While I hate more government, the use of drones for perverse or invasive usage needs to stop. I say open season on drones. Let them fly, but let people shoot them down without penalty. That would greatly decrease people spying - and generate a whole new sport in the meantime.


The verdict is killing an entire industry in one stroke. An industry that employs many and a turnover of many millions each year which will be felt in the Treasury. We were not in our wildest imagination thought that this could be the outcome, says Gustav Gerdes, President of the UAS Sweden.

Source: AftonBladet (Translated)