Lenovo Moto Z Unboxing Reveals Goodies

The guys over at Neowin recently unboxed a new Lenovo Moto Z and while unboxing products isn't all that exciting or surprising, they actually discovered a couple of bonus items that makes the Moto Z hold some extra value. This is a high-end device with a high-end pricetag. While they leave out a headphone jack, they do include a USB-C to Headphone adapter, a laminate rear cover and a had plastic bumber case as well. None of these are groundbreaking, but offer a little extra to a flagship device.

For those that might be purchasing the Moto Z, the included accessories could impact your decision to purchase additional accessories. The Style Shell does a fairly good job of taking impact from the rear and mitigating any scratches, while the bumper will provide some impact protection if the handset is dropped or tossed around.

Source: Neowin