Macbook Headphone Fail

Apple said it was "courageous" to pull the headphone jack on their iPhone 7 and give you a dongle to plug regular headphones into the lightning jack, but lightning headphones were so much better. They just released their Macbook Pro and in addition to NOT having a lightning connecot, the kill the USB port as well. Thankfully they included a standard headphone jack, but a dongle won't work if you want to plug in your shiny lightning headphones. Enjoy your dongle-fest. There will be a USB-C to Lightning dongle and you can plug that dongle into another dongle for more ding-dongle clutter. Thanks Apple.

This according to teardown house iFixit, which noted in its dissection report that the new MacBook Pro (the one model that doesn't have the Touch Bar) still uses a 3.5mm headphone jack, and does not contain a Lightning input.

Source: TheRegister