Android is huge

A new market survey that includes up to the end of September has found that Android's market share has grown and now has 87.5% of the global smartphone market. Android's numbers are up 10% over last year, while Apple has seen their share  drop from 13.6% down to 12.1% in the same period. BlackBerry and Microsoft has basically disappeared. CNBC has the full story.

Google's Android mobile operating system (OS) grabbed a record market share in the third-quarter at the expense of Apple's iOS which posted a decline, according to new research.

Android captured 87.5 percent of global smartphone market share in the three months to the end of September, Strategy Analytics said in a report. This means that nearly nine out of 10 smartphones in the world run Google's OS. Shipments of Android devices hit 328.6 million, up 10.3 percent year-on-year.