Windows 7 gaining faster than Windows 10

I'm sure Microsoft is pretty excited that Windows 7 is gaining more users than Windows 10. Sure Microsoft can't be too upset as it means they are selling licenses, however, their push to get everyone to Windows 10 and a unified platform has proved difficult and even giving Windows 10 away for free for months wasn't enough incentive to get people to switch. At this point they may have to go with the reverse psychology approach and tell people not to switch. Digital Trends has more on this story.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015, the company made no secret of its aspirations to distribute the operating system to as many devices as possible. Early reports indicated that users were upgrading to Windows 10 in droves, but new data suggests that this shift is slowing down.

The latest report on OS usage from NetMarketShare states that 22.59 percent of computers use Windows 10 as of October. That sounds rather healthy, but it is less impressive when you take into account that its reported market share as of September was 22.53 percent.