The best alternatives to the MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro launched this week to a less than enthusiastic audience. While a couple of new features got people excited, the lack of ports and other weird quirks got far more publicity. Luckily if the new MacBook Pro isn't your cup of tea there are some great alternatives out there and The Verge has come up with their list of the best.

The new MacBook Pro was so long and painfully awaited that our hopes probably ran away with us. We thought Apple would conclude the wait with a laptop that would last with us for years, but instead we got a transitional device that bridges the perpetual gap between present and future with the metal corpses of (almost) every useful port we now use and rely on. Apple’s position is clear: you either sign up for its vision of wireless and USB-C communications dominating everything, or you go elsewhere.

Personal favorites on the list: Microsoft Surface Book and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga, if you haven't checked them out and are in the market you'll want to get on that right away.