3DS to Sell for $100 on Black Friday

Nintendo is trying to fill the Wii U-to-Nintendo-Switch-gap with something. They recently announced that they are done making Wii U units, but they needs something to help tide them over until the next Pokemon app goes viral. In order to keep revenue rolling in, they have announced that the latest gerneration of 3DS will be selling for $100 on Black Friday. If you haven't picked one of these up - or want another one for you kids, there will be no better time.

You no longer have to pick a 2DS if you want a Nintendo handheld for $100 or less. The company is releasing special black and white Mushroom Kingdom editions of the New 3DS for $100 ($140 Canadian) starting on Black Friday, November 25th. These lower-cost models should be available at many North American game retailers, too.

Source: Engadget