Dell Could Still be Working on Intel/Windows Phone

If Dell is in fact still working on their Intel "Kaby Lake" chipped phone, I'd be one of the guys to sign up for it. The downside is that this device may be a whopping 6.4-inches. The upside is that it would be an x86 device that should ship with 4GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. While Intel quit making chips for handheld devices, Dell's plan was to use more powerful chips, so this could still be in the works. Hopefully we find out early in 2017 if it will actually launch or not. Sadly, my bet is that it won't, but this could be the device enterprise has been waiting for.

A further issue that remains unclear is that of which version of the OS would run on the device. Windows 10 Mobile doesn't yet support x86 processors, but the full version of Windows 10 isn't intended to run on devices with displays smaller than 7 inches. If - and it's a big if - the Dell Stack is intended to go on sale at some point in the future, it will surely require Microsoft to bring x86 support to its Mobile OS.

Source: Neowin