Apple No Longer Sets Trends

There was a time when Apple was considered to be a trend-setting and they did in fact push a lot of boundaries and push companies to be better, smarter and make more beautiful pieces of technology. While Jonny Ive is their main designer and Tim Cook does know how to run a company, without the harsh inspiration of Steve Jobs, the company has taken the idea that a few new features are "revolutionary". The public has tired of this idea and their revenue has declined for the fouth quarter in a row. Apple isn't going anywhere for a while - and that includes to the top of the stock portforlio.

Yes, Apple has brought us better smartphone cameras and fingerprint sensors, but there are more areas where it has whiffed. Cook has been saying for five years that the TV industry is broken and needs an overhaul. He was right. Now the way people watch television is being upended by Netflix Inc., by "cord cutting" and by video on smartphones. Apple is barely a participant in that transformation.

Source: Bloomberg