PS4 Pro Slower at Some Games than Non-Pro

So, you just bought yourself a shiny new PS4 Pro and it didn't connect to your TV, and the breakout box doesn't even work with HDR. So, you went out and upgraded your fairly new 4K TV to one that worked. You get home, get everything hooked up for the third time and find the games you play on it feel slower than on your original PS4. Is it just buyer's remorse? Not at all. There are a number of games that have poorer performance on the "upgraded" hardware. This launch for Sony keeps getting worse and worse.

Several high-profile titles like Watch Dogs 2, Skyrim, and The Last of Us run better on the older hardware. Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 Pro runs at a higher 1800p resolution via checkerboard upscaling but suffers from game tearing and dropped frames. Skyrim runs at a native 4K resolution and down-samples, but again suffers from frame rate drops. Surprisingly, Sony's in-house title The Last of Us also suffers from performance issues in both 1800p 60FPS mode, and 4K 30FPS mode, dropping frames where the standard PS4 doesn't.

Source: ArsTechnica