Hacker Gets Doom Running on Macbook Pro Touchbar

Some things that can be done, probably shouldn't and that is what 'diffractive-bell' has done by hacking Doom to run on the Macbook Pro Touch Bar. Not only does it run, it's actually playable - sort of. Any time you take a program that was designed to run 4:3 and streatch it to 16:1, things look a little awkward. Still it runs, plays and shows that some people are still trying to be cool and push the limits. Video at the link below.

What we can glean from this is that the Touch Bar probably works on its own partition of the SSD and can therefore be reprogrammed easily. It’s not a new concept. Dell computers used to have a completely independent media player running on a separate partition, powered by its own set of buttons.

Source: TheInquirer