Microsoft Edge is Netflix 4K Exclusive Streaming Browser

Netflix 4K streaming is finally coming to PCs, but the bad news is that if you want to enjoy 4K goodness, you'll have to use Microsoft Edge browser. The requirements don't stop there however. In order to power the Edge browser, you'll need an Intel Kaby Lake processor (7th Gen-Core) and a 4K display. The reality is that 4K video decoding does take a lot of horsepower, but there are other alternatives that support 4K streaming through apps. More information below.

The inclusion of the Xbox One S is interesting, although not surprising. But the Windows Store lists Netflix as being available on PCs, phones, and Xbox. In theory, if you have a 4K PC that doesn't have Kaby Lake, you should be able to use the app to stream, even though it's not listed on Netflix's official list. We've reached out to the company for confirmation of this.

Source: Neowin