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Features In-Depth:

As I take a closer look at the headset first thing to note is its clean and streamlined design that all flows together. Upon handling it for the first time, it was very evident that it is a lot lighter than other headsets, yet at the same time it still feels fairly durable. The adjustable steel slider allows for a sturdier connection between the ear cups and the band all while the notched adjustments make a customizable fit easier to achieve. The signature memory foam on the ear cups and headband make for a very comfortable fit and when you combine that with the reduced weight, one can almost forget the headset is being worn. 


The slide volume control on the right ear cup was a good idea which saves the user from having to search for a volume control on the cord. The only issue I found with the volume slider was that when close to the no volume side of the slider the sound would cut out in one of ear cups. A similar issue would also arise when slowly bringing the volume up from zero on the slider however this could be an isolated issue with this particular headset. By eliminating the in line volume/mic control, HyperX had to come up with another way to mute the mic which they accomplished with the swivel mic. Though there are headsets that allow for a removable mic this headset does not allow that, however when the mic is swiveled up to where the user hears a click, the user then knows the mic is muted. The click can also be heard when swiveling the mic down to unmute. 

Volume Control

Another nice feature about the headset that not too many other headsets have right now is the 90° rotating ear cups. This makes for a more comfortable wear when hanging the headset around the neck. Oddly enough it allows the ear cups to lay flat on a desk or almost flush against a wall, which could help in keeping the headset from being damaged, and it allows for better storage when on the go. One of the great things about this headset is its ability to be used on multiple platforms such as PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Mac, and mobile devices. This is made possible by its different 3.5mm connections. The primary cord on the headset has a singular 3.5mm stereo connector for console and mobile devices. Included with the headset is an extension audio cord that splits the single stereo connection into two, one for stereo playback and the other for the microphone. This allows the headset to also be used with PCs, laptops and the like.

Cable-1 Cable


The 50mm directional drivers are one of the things that make this headset so amazing, as it makes you feel like you have a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound headset for half the price. The HyperX Cloud Stinger gave the same sound across all the systems it was tested on for this review (PC, laptop, mobile device) making it a great value for its price.

On the last page we'll cover testing as well as wrap up with our final thoughts.