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For this review the HyperX Cloud Stinger was tested on a PC, a laptop and a mobile device. For all tests the system volume was set to 100% and any volume adjustments beyond that would be done via the volume slider on the ear cup.

To gauge the performance of the headset, a few tests were conducted that included music playback, movie and video playback, gaming (not applicable on the laptop and mobile device), and voice recording/chatting. For the music playback test I selected a variety of songs (listed below) which were put on all three devices to provide consistency.


Song List for Test:

  • Kenna - Never let me down (download to donate to Haiti album 2010) 
  • Not Alone - Linkin Park (download to donate to Haiti album 2010)
  • 30 seconds to mars - This is War
  • 30 seconds to mars - Closer to the Edge
  • Komine Lisa - Resuscitated Hope
  • T.I. - Castle Walls
  • Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults
  • Bob and Tom - The Joe Jefferson Vocabulary Builder Upper
  • Heywood Banks - Trauma to The Groin (Bob and Tom Show)
  • Tenishia - Point of no Return (Francisco Echeverria Bootleg)
  • Aaren Reale & Hack The System - Elements
  • Disco Fries Feat. Nick Hexum - Head in the Clouds
  • Borgeous Feat. Lights - Zero Gravity
  • Gareth Emery feat Wayward Daughter - Reckless (Gareth Emery & Luke Bond Remix)
  • Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon
  • Dave Matthews Band - Typical Situation (Live)(download to donate to Haiti album 2010)
  • Train - Hey soul sister
  • Bruno Mars – Grenade


After listening to and comparing what was heard from each device, a theme started to take shape. The audio coming from ear cups sounded the same no matter what device was being used (PC/laptop/mobile device). The vocals and tones of all the audio sounded very clear and well balanced. No one level gets drowned out by any other level or combination of levels. The only, very minor draw back, is that the bass depending on the genre of music could be a little much but at the same time this could just be a personal preference. 

In efforts to be consistent across all devices for the movie/video test, I decided to use Marvel’s show Luke Cage on Netflix. Upon completing the first fifteen minutes of episode one on each device, I was able to conclude that no matter what sound drivers are installed (sound blaster, realtek, etc) the audio would consistently be clear across all the levels. The bass, which could be a little much for certain types of music genres, actually fits much better for movie/video entertainment and voices and dialogues are always crisp and clear even during heavy action sequences.

Cloud Stinger


Microphone Test:

Speaking of voice clarity, the mic on the headset is able to produce very clear audio no matter what form voice of communication is being used. For the mobile device testing, The Samsung Galaxy S 5 was used to test voice and call quality with the Cloud Stinger. This headset can be used for the most part, like the Samsung earbuds and mic that come with the phone, but without the button controls. The audio quality from a phone call is at the best it can be when using this headset while at the same time producing clear and crisp voice audio with the mic. Below are audio samples of voice recordings from each device the headset was tested on.


Regrettably, there seems to be some interference on my laptop that is making for an altered voice recording and at the time of this review I am unable to fully figure out what the issue is. A good positive though is that the recording from my PC and my mobile device sound pretty consistent with clarity and tone leading me to believe this is proper representation of the mic quality. For benchmarking purposes the program Audacity was used on both the PC and laptop. The default voice recorder app was used on the mobile device.


Game Test:

Unfortunately the game testing could only be completed on the PC as the laptop and mobile device are not able to handle most games. That being said lets jump right in and start with a quick note on TeamSpeak. Being that this headset is TeamSpeak certified I feel like that alone should speak for itself. The three games that were used for testing purposes were Call of Duty Black Ops II, Call of Duty Black Ops III, and Tom Clancy’s The Division. For all 3 games, Directionality of the audio was very accurate while all levels were clear and crisp. I did find that the bass is a little much for both Call of Duty games however I did not notice it as much when playing the Division most likely for the fact that certain sounds in the Black Ops games are more important to hear than in The Division. As an example when walking or running in both Black Ops games the sounds of footsteps have a bit more bass to them then what I feel should be there and can sometimes effect the sounds of another’s footsteps, possibly making them harder to hear. The same can be said of the explosions in both Black Ops games, however, this could also be more of a personal preference. 


Final Thoughts:

In looking back on this headset one can’t help but be in awe of the great quality this headset has to offer at such an affordable price. The signature memory foam padding along with the light weight make for a combination that allows for long extended hours of gaming with a very comfortable experience. From time to time I almost forgot I was wearing the headset. The 90° rotating ear cups help to maximize comfort when resting the headset around the neck yet might also help reduce any damage that could have be done if they were non-rotating ear cups. The best part of the headset though is the superb audio produced. Not only does this headset produce crisp and clean high quality audio with levels across the board, but at the same time produces a surround sound like feel with its 50mm directional drivers. Even though I have my opinion about the level of the bass, this headset is a gem for its price.



  • Light weight
  • Simple and clean design
  • Compatibility with many devices
  • Signature memory foam padding
  • 50mm Directional drivers (like surround sound)
  • 90° rotating ear cups
  • Price



  • Issue with volume slider as it nears 0% (could be an isolated issue)


At the end of the day, I can happily score these a solid 9.9 as they offer great performance and absolutely incredible value. I saw these on sale for a mere $35 at one point! Please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and questions in the forum at the link below.