Lenovo Yoga Book (Android) Review

The Lenovo Yoga Book is an interseting concept. The keyboard is a giant touch-sensitive piece of glass and the machine itself comes in Android and Windows flavors. The review today is of the Android version and being that it's powered by an Atom x5-Z8550 processor, it has plenty of power to run the mobile OS. Things that separate this 2-in-1 appart from the competition also include a nice full HD IPS LED touch-screen, a Book Pad, AnyPen the Halo keyboard and more.

AnTuTu's results pretty much explains themselves. The machine is great at multitasking and handles graphics well. The game that I'll typically test out graphics performance with is Injustice: Gods Among Us. It's a pretty heavy game and, well, it's a lot of fun. I had no problems playing it on the Yoga Book.

Source: Neowin