Chromecast Causing Boot-Loops on Some Routers

The latest batch of Chromecast devices may or may not have a bug that can cause certain routers to crash and then boot-loop. This is causing a bit of a shadow on Black Friday sales as the devices themselves boot-loop as well. Chromecast Audio and Chromecast Ultra seem to be affected as well. The downside is that it's hard to update the firmware to a fixed version if everything keeps looping. The solution is to use a different router if you're currently affected. Once you update the firmware, you should be good to go.

"After the update of Chromecast Audio some BT Home Hub and Plusnet routers trigger a reboot and disconnect the Chromecast Audio from the network. This issue seems to be isolated to some BT related routers. Our team has been working to address this issue quickly by adding a workaround for the BT routers in our next firmware version which is now available for download.”

Source: TheInquirer