There's No Perfect Laptop to Buy

There are a ton of great laptops on the market today and when you combine that category with 2-in-1's and Surface-like-clones, there are a ton of choices. Some offer amazing performance, others focus on battery life and even others are about elegant design and quality. While there are a lot of great choices, there is not one perfect choice. You can get close though.

Basically, the conversation that has to happen now when it comes to deciding which premium laptop to buy is a virtual flow chart of questions about a person’s computing needs, desires, and non-negotiables. Do you need a lot of ports? Do you take a lot of photos and love your SD cards so much that you carry them in an organized little SD card pouch? Do you use your webcam a lot? Do you run heavy-duty apps and keep 20-something browser tabs open at all times?

Source: TheVerge