Netflix finally offers offline viewing

The day has finally come, Netflix is now offering offline viewing on some of their content. For the past 2 or 3 years we've been seeing rumors every once and a while but finally Netflix has given the people what they want. Some content isn't available for download, but Netflix hopes to add more content in the near future. The Verge has the full story.

You can finally take Netflix with you onto a plane or the subway. Today the company announced that it’s launching offline playback for “many of your favorite streaming series and movies.” Right now, that selection includes stuff made by Netflix (Stranger Things, The Crown, Narcos, Orange is the New Black, etc) but also a lot of other random choices. You’ve got Breaking Bad. You’ve got Mad Men. You’ve got... Paddington and Minions and Kung Fu Panda 3. This is going to be a huge deal for parents. Movies include Boyhood, Pulp Fiction, Nightcrawler, Good Will Hunting, Hot Fuzz, and more. Netflix says more content will support downloads in the near future.