Another Dual-Display e-Ink Phone

The YotaPhone was the first device we saw that had dual displays - with one of them being e-Ink but now there is another player in the market. Hisense has just leaked their A2 device that showcases a back cover that is also an e-ink display. This is awesome that another company is following in the footsteps of Russia's YotaPhone. The reality is that e-Ink is pretty snappy anymore and you can do 90% of your daily tasks on e-Paper and use about 20% of the battery. I'm hoping to hear more about this in the near future.

Advantages of the E Ink screen include sunlight visibility, low power consumption, and the ability to display a static image without using any power — so you can load up a shopping list, directions, boarding pass, or other notes and it’ll stay on the screen indefinitely even if your battery dies. You could also use that screen to read eBooks or other documents.

Source: Liliputing